Why M-Vac

Sheriff and Chief of Police

Law enforcement executives, such as a sheriff or chief of police, benefit significantly when their agency is firing on all cylinders and the public feels they are safe to go about their lives. One way to generate that feeling of security is to ensure the detectives, CSIs and other investigators have the tools they need, and that message is clearly communicated to the public.

Thanks in part to TV dramas and reality crime shows, media coverage and information on the internet, the general public is much more aware of investigative procedures and methods, even if the timelines are less than realistic.   Regardless, the perception of DNA profiling and the critical nature of obtaining DNA profiles as hard evidence against a suspect is a definite reality in today's society, and law enforcement from the patrol officer all the way to the sheriff and chief of police understand that.  

The M-Vac System is the latest in forensic DNA collection and has shown to not only generate better DNA profiles but to also actually help move cases forward. By providing your agency with the latest in DNA profile producing technologies you can improve the image of your department as well as help reduce the crime rate in your community.