Why M-Vac


Detectives at all levels throw their heart and soul into criminal investigations, and they deserve the best tools to help solve those crimes. Of course crimes can be solved without DNA evidence but every detective knows that a case is much stronger when a viable DNA profile can be produced tying the suspect to the crime. That is why many detectives are asking that the M-Vac System be used to collect the DNA material from key evidence in their cases, especially heinous crimes like homicides, rapes and major assaults.

If there is ample DNA material present, such as in a blood spatter or a visible semen stain, using a traditional collection method would clearly be appropriate. However, in situations where the swabbing, cutting, taping or scraping methods have been unreliable in producing positive results, it may be more effective to use the M-Vac System first.  If it wasn't used first and the lab results from traditional methods come back as negative or inconclusive and there is reason to believe DNA material was deposited, give your case another chance by using the M-Vac.  It dramatically improves the chance of generating a DNA profile, especially on rough, porous or large surfaces. If traditional methods have been used, there is always the question, is there simply no DNA material on the evidence or did the method used simply not collect it?

Below is a short video of an investigative team (detective and Senior CSI) that has successfully utilized the M-Vac System in their investigations