Why M-Vac

Molotov Cocktail

Molotov CocktailA broken, unburned Molotov cocktail was found on the sidewalk.  Earlier in the day, two possible explosive devices were found underneath and near a car that was a few blocks from the location of the broken incendiary device.  With a hope of a possible connection, the remnants of the bottle and the two strips of towel-like cloth that were in the neck of the bottle were recovered as evidence.  The strips had been soaked in accelerant and still smelled strongly of gasoline.  The items were M-Vac sampled and a mixture of at least 4 potential contributors was obtained.  The major contributor was determined and loaded into CODIS.  There was a match.  The investigation team now has a potential connection.  The take away for us is that the M-Vac successfully collected DNA material from fabric soaked in accelerant.

References are available upon request