Why M-Vac

Discovery Channel - Killing Fields

The Discovery Channel's series the Killing Fields, Murder Isle, season three, features the M-Vac as one of the tools helping unravel the case of Carrie Singer's 2004 murder in the Isle of Wight, Virginia.  Carrie Singer was found in a field days after the murder.  The evidence included a green shirt, sports bra, black socks, nipple swabs and a bloody rag.  The evidence was considered on the show and the M-Vac unit's strengths were discussed including the following snippet, "It is proven to be beneficial with touch DNA on clothing specifically, so before when you'd swab, you know you'd get some DNA, but now we are able to get A LOT more DNA." - Allison Nunes, DNA Labs International.  The sports bra was sampled with the M-Vac.

Discovery Channel - Killing FieldsThe sports bra and the nipple swab both yielded a male profile and the profiles did not match each other which provide new insight into the investigation.  If you would like to watch the episode or see the specific footage of the discussion of the M-Vac and the M-Vac in use please click on the link below.  The discussion of the M-Vac is found at the 27:30 mark and the discussion of the results is found at the 37:20 mark in the show.


Discovery Channel, Killing Fields, Murder Isle, Episode 1: https://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/killing-fields/full-episodes/murder-isle-a-body-in-the-field

For the Killing Fields series, click on the link below.