About Us

About Us

M-Vac Systems is enabling law enforcement and forensic science professionals to solve more crime. We are dedicated to developing advanced forensic DNA collection technology.

M-Vac Systems, Inc has created innovative surface sampling technology that can improve forensic DNA collection, especially from porous surfaces and when the DNA material is in small quantities such as in touch DNA scenarios.  The M-Vac enhances or replaces swabs, sponges, excision and other traditional collection methods, especially after failures. Improved sampling enables better detection results. Specific fields of sample acquisition for the technology include: forensic evidence DNA collection, drug and chemical residue sampling, food safety monitoring, routine quality control testing, environmental bio-hazard and biological weapons detection, secure chain-of-custody and diverse research applications. We are committed to providing high quality equipment and superior customer service and support.

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The M-Vac System will dramatically improve the ability of forensic scientists, CSIs, other law enforcement officers and research professionals to collect forensic DNA material in the most difficult cases such as touch DNA and the more heinous crimes like homicides, rapes and armed assaults.  The M-Vac will also strengthen the sampling "weak link" in pathogen defense to enable more accurate and efficient pathogen location and detection.

M-Vac Systems is the exclusive manufacturer of the M-Vac System, which is now available in many locations worldwide through our extensive and growing network of suppliers and distributors. Contact us for availability in your area.