Why M-Vac

Environmental Validations

Recovery of E. Coli From Various Surfaces

Bacteria and other microscopic organisms are difficult to extract from smooth or porous surfaces, especially when sampling tools are limited in their abilities to reach microbes in the microscopic crevices of the surface. The M-Vac, with its formulated bacterial suspension liquid (Surface Rinse Solution) and wet-vacuum extraction, significantly improves the probability of collecting surface pathogens. The collection efficiency differences can be seen when comparing the M-Vac with cotton swabs on various simulated environmental surfaces inoculated with E. coli or B. subtilis.
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Recovery of B. subtilis From Stainless Steel and Carpet

Environmental sampling is improved by the implementation of M-Vac wet-vacuum extraction that can reach bacteria located in the microscopic texture of any environmental surface.
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Salmonella and Listeria Recovery from Environmental Surfaces

Testing showed the M-Vac was able to recover significantly higher (P < 0.05) levels of Listeria and Salmonella from environmental surfaces than cellulose sponge and cotton swab. Surfaces tested include stainless steel, ceramic tile, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWP) cutting board, and conveyor belt. Read the report (PDF)
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