The M-Vac™ utilizes wet-vacuum technology to collect DNA material from the surface, but what is wet-vacuum technology?

M-Vac - Flyer Image

The nozzle of the M-Vac sprays down a fan of sterile solution onto the surface.  Simultaneously, vacuum is applied.  As the spray is impacting the surface, the vacuum forces create wind that results in turbulence and agitation under the sampling head.  The combination of these mechanical forces help release the cellular material from the surface of the evidence.  The collection solution with the cellular material entrained in its droplets is transported back through the sampling head and into a removable collection bottle.

The sampling head can be utilized on porous, rough, hard, soft and irregular surfaces.  It has been used to collect samples from shirts, pants, pockets, bricks, ropes, cinder blocks, shoes, chairs, skin and many other surfaces.

The M-Vac can collect from small or large surfaces.  Since the collection bottle is removable, the amount of area that can be sampled is completely scalable.  In addition, the collection from a large surface can be concentrated onto a single filter.

The M-Vac is easy to use and safe.  It includes an isolation filter that ensures that the collected sample is retained in the bottle.  It is disposable, so there is no chance of cross contamination.  It is sterile, so only the items being sampled will be represented in the collection.