Popular TV Show Mentalist Mentions M-Vac System as Tool to Collect DNA

Law enforcement agencies and crime labs aren't the only ones who are recognizing the M-Vac System as a premier forensic DNA collection tool. Now the popular TV show The Mentalist is also getting into the action. During the show's Season 6, Episode 18 "Forest Green", one of the characters, portraying an FBI agent, suggests "Tell forensics to use the M-Vac. That'll pull DNA evidence out of anything!" when the stars are discussing how to solve a case.

Mentalist meme

Although the show is fictional, they aren't far off the mark when making that statement. The M-Vac System has shown to be up to 100X more effective than the traditional collection methods such as swabbing or taping, and has been able to collect DNA material from substrates where the other methods failed. As a cutting edge forensic tool, the M-Vac is helping solve crime that otherwise may never be solved.