Philadelphia PD Office of Forensic Science to Present M-Vac Research Data at MAAFS

Philadelphia PD Office of Forensic Science MAAFS Abstract

Title: Evaluation of a Wet-Vacuum Forensic DNA Collection System as a More Efficient Technique for the Collection of Epithelial Cells

Abstract: the wet-vacuum DNA collection system, developed by M-Vac Systems Inc., was compared to the traditional forensic swabbing method for the collection of epithelial cells from forensic evidence. Compared to current swabbing techniques, the M-Vac System collected substantially more DNA material, yielding a suitable profile, than the swabbing method (up to 180 times more DNA material). Additionally, the wet vacuum system performed well as a secondary collection technique on evidence that had already been subjected to the traditional swabbing collection method. While the traditional swabbing technique remains a reasonable and more cost effective collection method for cases where sufficient DNA samples are expected, the M-Vac System was found to be a superior tool for the collection of cellular material from evidence with a large surface area, where only brief contact was reported and evidence where the initial collection using traditional swabbing techniques yielded low quantities of DNA material.

Presentation will be at the MAAFS (Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists) Annual Meeting May 21st

NOTE: The above is only an abstract and not a technical note or official paper.

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