M-Vac System instrumental in 18yr old cold case

The M-Vac System, also referred to as a "vacuum-assisted instrument", played a key role in solving an 18 yr old cold case homicide recently. A 17yr old girl, Krystal Lynn Beslanowitch, was found murdered in 1995 near the Provo River in Midway, Utah. Her skull had been crushed by a rock. Detectives never gave up on the case, and in January of 2013, DNA technologies had advanced enough to enable investigators to recover sufficient "touch DNA" from the surface of the rock and generate a full profile of the murder suspect, Joseph Michael Simpson. The M-Vac is the advanced DNA technology that was used to collect the suspects DNA from the rock, most likely deposited from the suspects hand. Despite sitting in an evidence room for almost 18 years, the M-Vac was still able to generate a full DNA profile. Full story.

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