M-Vac System Highlighted as DNA Collection Method for Cold Justice

Sorenson Forensics and the hit TV show Cold Justice have once again teamed up to help solve some of the toughest cold cases in America. On their website, Sorenson Forensics states:

"Sorenson Forensics is a leading provider of advanced forensic and DNA testing services, and utilizes an array of technologies and procedures to extract and profile even the faintest amount of DNA evidence from a crime scene. Over the course of the two seasons, Sorenson Forensics has used all available resources to advance justice on cases featured on “Cold Justice” including the M-Vac system, which uses a sophisticated wet-vacuum sampling device to collect significant amounts of DNA from immovable surfaces, and highly-sensitive Touch DNA sample collection kits to determine who last touched a piece of evidence by gathering the most recent DNA from a surface."

To see the announcement on Sorenson's website click here.